Addictive Personalities Addictions

Additive personalities are persons that crave a series of addictions, i.e. drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, etc. A person suffering additive personality is strung out most times, since their cravings are extreme more so than common addictions.

Types of Addictive Personalities

Additive personality types are commonly known as ENNEAGRAM, which has variants of the personality types, i.e. there is more than one type. While this is one of the controversial diagnoses, yet it is well known in American. The diagnosis is claimed to be linked to abuse of substance, including alcohol, drugs, etc.

I may wonder about the diagnoses since that after carefully considering all aspects of the types of personalities, I have a need for more proof that addictions are the problem.

Level one of these types of addicts is the reformers. This makes no sense since if you read the experts description of what leads them to believe a problem exist and weigh the information carefully, you might find that this is merely another type of personality in the world. The reformers on the first level of addiction is claimed to be discriminating and wise. The person will see things in realistic light, and very prone to making the truths known to others. These sounds like someone I prefer as a friend, rather than the common norms that will accept lies as truth.

In fact after you read the personality types you might see that some of the lists of traits is rooted in the beginning, i.e. this is the way people are truly suppose to be in real life. The helper personality will help you to this, since the person diagnosing these people are failing to use common sense, since the person is compassionate and caring. This world is filled with selfish, greedy, immoral, etc types of people, thus when these personalities come along, the so-called experts will try to call it a mental disorder.


I’ve seen counselors time again diagnose people of drug and alcohol addictions when I know for a fact these people were not addicts. Nowadays, you can be addict if you drink darn beer.

Dependency is the common element that leads a person to addictions. When a person is addicted or else dependant they will often rely on influences to support their suffering. When a person lacks compartments of their person, they will often fall into the dependency stage. If a person cannot be alone or learn to live with self, they often resort to a dependency, which in turns leads them in a wrong direction, including addictions.


A person addicted will devote a part of themselves or else surrender themselves to addictions, which is a habitually or obsessive act. As you can see, reform is necessary here to become part of the treatment, since new habits need to form. Actually, I am not sure why the so-called experts even place the title ENNEAGRAM on the so-called diagnosis, since this term merely means ‘a group of nine.’

The reformer is claimed to have spurts of diet binges, personal hygiene, which can lead to bulimia and/or anorexia. The person will often resort to alcohol to ease the nervousness experienced by the actions. Now the personality type has nothing to do with this addiction because a reformist is willing to reform to make life better.

While there are many types of addictions in the world, the additive personality is starting to look like confusion on the experts’ part. I am starting to believe that this addiction does not have reality basis, which makes me wonder what is going on in the minds of those placing labels on these types of people.



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