Addictions to Pain

Addiction to any Substance or Habit is always an alarming behavior and should be check in time to prevent grievous consequences.

Pain Addiction is one of these plethoras’s and is often worse then anyone would admit to himself. It is a serious addiction and should be taken very seriously.

Actually, this addiction is not really to pain, but primarily to free-flowing Endorphins- a hormone-like substance that body releases whenever a pain or injury is experienced. These Endorphins accompany the pain and are very similar in structure and effect to the Opiates, like heroin and morphine. 

We can feel the effect of Endorphins whenever we have accidental hit. As when one stubs his toe he feel a sharp pain that is immediately followed by numbness, and this numbness is because of endorphins release, which act as a natural anesthesia. However, during this, a person can feel emotions, but only if they are intense, such as anger, rage, etc.

Some Causes for Pain Addiction

Pain addiction is a progressive disease . The unconscious craving for stress and pain often drives the pain addict to make need based decisions rather than wisdom. Once a person is addicted to pain, breaking this habit takes considerable strength and the complete external support from family and friends. 

The emotional pain addict consciously or unconsciously seeks out such situations that will surely result in pain. It’s a kind of enjoying punishment.   Prolonged histories of negative, stressful, and failed relationships are usually root causes of emotional pain addiction.

Pain can be used for the reasons of pleasure, or for the soul purpose of grabbing attention. The person at times also indulges into painful tasks just to escape the reality. A pain addict generally uses pain as a satisfying element in his solitude.

Most often when a person uses pain as an escape, it is due to a stressful family life, problems at working area or college tensions. Living up to parent’s expectations, house chores, schoolwork, friends, and competition can be the prime causes of stress. The pain addiction can be found in any gender regardless of age factor though young people are more affected by this.

Pain Leading to Death

There are many cases of accidents sometimes-even death due to pain addiction. In cases of pain addictions, suicidal tendencies come to mind, brought on by depression that triggers these causes of death. Generally, young adults cut themselves on the wrists, arms, legs, or neck. Most often, a threat or act to suicide is a plan to get attention. Nevertheless, even, this should be taken seriously, as it could accidentally harm the person.

Second, reason is Pleasure. The “high” feeling when in pain triggers senses and that is what causes the sensation pleasure. Signs of this kind include- puncture wounds made by needles or other sharp objects. Pleasurable responses to a painful situation like biting, pinching, and even violence to the point of leaving bruises are symptoms of this addiction. Usually it’s not fatal until someone takes it too seriously.

Attention Seeking – Pain Addiction

Another form is to seek attention. A person gets into fights just to have the marks and bruises to show off. Parents often become worried about their children when they come home with a black eye, or a broken bone. In addition, it served its purpose when the parents pay attention to the young adult.

Further, this addiction can lead to another form i.e. Drug Addiction where a person overly is depended on the Painkillers. He then begun to either abuse or addicted to his pain medication. Moreover, this is as much dangerous as the former one.

So, frequent assessment and follow-up with counselors, physical therapists, physicians, psychotherapists, or other health care providers with effective tools can help a person from not being “victimized” by the pain addiction:



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