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Two Forms Of Pain Addiction

Pain Addiction comes in more than one form, i.e. pain addicts my focus on eliminating pain, or else issuing pain. Some people will use pain to escape, at the same time feel pleasure from the pain experienced. Some people issue pain, inflicting harm to their flesh in an effort to seek attention. In rare instances, pain addicts will cause harm to the body, which could lead to accidental death. It is rare, but it does happen. The sensations of the pain issued to the body makes the adrenaline rush, which becomes additive.

The second type of pain addiction is opposite, yet other addictions follow pursuit since the goal is to annihilate pain, rather than enjoy pain. Rather, the person often suffers chronic pain, which strive the person to use pain pills, alcohol, drugs, etc to kill the pain. Now we have added problems, since rather than utilizing strategies to reduce the chronic pain, we have people relying on drugs, prescriptions, and alcohol to find relief of pain.

Pain addicts that cause harm to find pleasure from pain will use pain to escape. While escape in this instance is vague since each person differs…for a variety of reasons, it leads the person to issue pain to escape either family stress or school problems, or even peer, pressure. Expectations are often difficult for these people to understand. When expectations are placed upon the person, they resort to pain, which in turn increases the adrenaline giving the person a high effect. This is often the reason addictions come into play, i.e. the feeling makes them crave the feelings.

Pains Leading to Death

Regardless of the notion, either way we have pain addictions, since one uses pain to escape reality or the other uses harmful substances and chemicals to reduce pain. In both instances, death is involved, yet only in rare cases. Some addicts of pain will endure suicidal tendencies, which are often triggered by depression.

Those utilizing pain to escape will often cut themselves, either on the wrist, arm, legs, or neck. The person often does this in privacy, thus their plans to commit suicide is unknown to others. In some instances, the person might tell someone that they are suicidal. Now we have to consider this, because we have variants of suicidal, i.e. we have suicidal thoughts, suicidal tendencies, suicidal traits etc with suicidal thoughts as being far more dangerous than suicidal tendencies and/or traits.

To help you understand we can label and define tendencies, thoughts, and traits in order. Suicidal tendencies come in spurts. The person often feels the tendency to commit suicide, yet the thoughts are weak in this instance e.g. the thoughts are backed by attention getters. In other words, these types often seek attention, rather than death.

Traits and Thoughts as Pain Addictions

Traits are hereditary in some instances. The person may not be suicidal thoughtfully, yet may experience times of thinking suicide, whilst they will often wonder why these thoughts are occurring. Traits are one of the areas that we can consider that accidents could lead to death, yet each area of suicidal, i.e. traits, thoughts, and tendencies are nothing to take lightly.

Thoughts on the other hand is far more dangerous, i.e. a person thinking suicidal thoughts might not tell anyone what they are thinking, and will in fact act out on their emotions and thoughts. The mind is powerful, and thoughts, is one of the most powerful mechanisms of the human mind that can in fact lead to death.

Thus, where does death come into play? Some pain addicts will kill self slowly by engaging in harmful habits that lead to death gradually, while others will tire out of their suffering and will act on thoughts of suicide to escape wholly from their suffering. Still those cutting their neck, arms, wrists, and legs, e.g. if they cut their neck, and wrist it could become fatal and accidentally they could die.

If you know anyone harming the body with sharp objects, or else enduring thoughts, traits, or tendencies of suicide, seek help immediately.



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