Addictions of Sexuality

Why do people become addicted to sex? The reason is obvious to few people since the action can bring pleasure. Still, people addicted to sex may swing from partner to partner, and at the same time knowing they are at risk, will continue their behaviors.

Sex additions are no innovative problem. Rather in Sodom and Gomorrah, the recordings in the bible indicate that sex addictions reached back to B.C. The inborn notion of sex is between a man and woman in union of marriage, yet nowadays man/man, woman/woman, multiple partner relationships is not uncommon.

Pornography and Prostitutes

Pornography is the root of sexual deviants and we can see that pornography developed and continued throughout society B.C. Prostitution and other sexual infertilities have been issues long before today.

Some people believe that prostitutes have sexual addictions. This is far from the truth, since sexual addictions can also involve no sex. Some sex addicts are predator in nature and will often fantasize about sexual encounters, including penetration, oral, sadism, etc. The person will masturbate regularly while engaging in immoral thoughts. Yet, while the person is fantasizing they may not search for a partner, unless the intentions are to harm or to someone willing to engage in sadistic behaviors during intercourse.

This type of sexual addictions is dangerous since often these types of people are sexual deviants, or else thinking in the mind how they can get away with sexual deviations without getting caught.

Other types of sexual addictions are still dangerous since the person often will put self at risk. Some people hurt emotional deep and will employ sex as a form of escape, using the action to relieve the pain they feel deep within their souls.

Whores or Sluts

Persons acting out sexually are often, titled Whores or Sluts, or womanizers, etc. The fact is these people are sick mentally and require mental health assistance to help them restore their humanity. Other times the person can get help providing someone is intelligent enough to guide them, inform them, and help them get through the problem without blaming, accusing, or calling the person names out of human nature.

A whore is a woman and/or man that sell sex in exchange for money. Yet, even a person selling self is not necessary to blame for their behaviors, since mentally they are suffering emotionally.

To give you some insight on sexual addictions, alcohol/drug additions or any type of additions we can compare human nature inborn elements against the lacking of emotional and physical elements that force these poor souls into engaging in illicit behaviors.

Effect on Humans

Human nature consists of self-esteem, self-confidence, trust, hope, happiness, joy, love, sadness, inner peace, motivation, self-respect, goals, plans, schedules, work, socializing, etc. If a person is missing the elements that make a person whole, often they will go in a wrong direction.

For example, humans base their life on goals, plans, schedules, work, and socializing. If a person does not have goals, plans, schedules, a purpose in life, and social skills they often feel as though they belong somewhere other than the world. In other words, they feel like misfits. The problem isn’t these people however; rather the problem is faulty teaching, negligence in education, parental guidance, insufficiency of love, etc. We can never get to the root of the problem, until we see that someone has hurt these people, causing them enough pain and suffering the person will employ sexual relationships, including self-relations to release pain. We see the self-esteem, confidence, trust, hope, love, etc. is missing from these peoples life. In other words, the people were, never loved correctly in the first place.

Then what is the problem? Why do we have sex additions? Because people NEED and people have wants that need fulfillment and if they are not getting those needs fulfilled, they will resort to pleasure-pain based solutions to relieve the hurt they feel within their lost souls.

Particular mental illnesses have side elements, including sexual addictions. Predator mental ill patients often engage in thought-provoking images. The images unfortunately come out in reality, since many of the patients with predator-based mental illnesses will rape, kill, or else make someone wish like hell they died.



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