Addictions and Pains

The first up is the Pain Addiction

The addiction to pain is often worse then what anyone would admit. It is a serious addiction and should be taken very seriously. Pain often is used as an escape, but can also be used for the reasons of pleasure, and for the soul purpose of attracting attention. In rare cases, death can occur, but only in extreme cases, or because of an accident. The sensation of pain often causes an adrenaline rush that becomes addictive. I shall go over a few of the reasons that someone would use pain to escape reality.

First, Escape. The term escape is somewhat vague. It can mean a variety of different things. Most often when a young adult is using pain as an escape, it is often due to a stressful family life or problems at school. Living up to parents expectations, house chores, schoolwork, friends, and after school activities can become stressful. Pain causes an adrenaline rush and produces a high effect. That often is sufficient to the young adult and they never go any farther than that.

Pain Addictions causing Death

There are the rare cases that involve death. In cases of pain addictions, suicidal tendencies come into the mind, brought on by depression that triggers these causes of death. Most often young adults cut themselves on the wrists, arms, legs, and neck. Often the young adult does not let anyone know there plans of suicide. The young adult usually makes the cuts on the arm in an X, or a straight line across the wrist. If the case is that a young adult threatens suicide, it is usually a plan to get attention. Even the threat of suicide should be taken seriously, in case the young adult is serious. In the case of an accident, a young adult is using pain as a way of pleasure. I will not lie, accidents do occur. Accidents that happen with this method is that the young adult cuts deeper than intended and is scared to let anyone see what they have done, and will attempt to take care of it themselves. Sometimes this works, and other times it does not.

Addiction to Choking

Other methods of this addiction in the sense of suicidal tendencies can include choking. This is where the young adult physically or by other means cuts off the blood flow to the brain. This causes the brain to go into shock and can cause death. The shock of the mind kills the cells in the brain and will cause damage to the brain. In the case of accidents, choking, the young adult loses balance and falls. By the time the time someone finds the young adult, it is already too late.

Second, pleasure. Again, I tell you that pain causes adrenaline to rush which becomes addictive. The “high” feeling triggers pleasure senses and that is what causes the sensation pleasure. Signs of this reason for the addiction can include but are not limited to puncture wounds made by needles and other sharp objects that are available. In addition, signs of bruising around the neck indicate that the young adult is choking self and should be immediately dealt with. A pleasurable response to a painful situation like biting, pinching, and even violence to the point of leaving bruises. This is usually not fatal until someone takes it too seriously. Then bruising can become internal and the occasional death occurs.

Attracting attention used as pain addiction

Another form of pain addiction is simply to attract attention. In this case, young adults see fit to get into fights just to have the marks and bruises to show off. Parents often become worried about their children when they come home with a black eye, or a broken bone. This form has served its purpose when the parents pay attention to the young adult. This form has risks also. Fighting, though a form to relieve stress and take out the frustrations of home and/or school life, can become deadly when one or both young adults feel the need to be dominate.

Over all, the addiction to pain is dangerous, and should not be taken lightly. Under estimating, the addiction to pain is not a joking matter. When you see signs of pain addiction, seek help for the individual immediately.



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