Addicts of gambling strive to take possession of the superior force, which is the all-mighty dollar. The all-mighty dollar drives people to addictions. Still this is not the only element that drives a person to gamble compulsively. Gambling addictions go back a long way, and targets all areas of the world.

How Gambling starts?

Gambling can start as a recreation where the person bids on horses, races, poker, etc and can lead to gambling addictions. Addictions is a form of suicide, since if a person loses control of the senses, death can occur. Gambling is a risk. The act forces the person to chance on a game that leads him to believe the ultimate goal is at the end of the tunnel.

Gambling involves an escape from reality, or else a vision that is out of reach. Gambling is not only a risk; the act causes occurrences that lead to final decisions, which the outcome is delusional of senses, affecting certainty. Gambling forms a euphoric feeling, which leads to fantasy.

What Gambling do with addicts?

Gambling takes hold of addicts, which subjects them to excitement, which in turn dissociates the person from reality. Gambling increases the heart rate, impulses, etc which gives off a high similar to drug and/or alcohol addictions. Gamblers are driven by ego, taking risks, and will often seek acceptance to affirm connection with reality. Thus, the person strives to prove self in society.

Today gambling casinos are over the Internet. Gambling has spread out like a disease over the world leading people into a snare. In Asia up to 21% polls responded to surveys, which estimated that this percentage of gamblers were pathological (alter or disease) gamblers. In America, the estimated respondents of 5% claimed they had a problem with gambling. The upside is most casinos online offer support to those who feel they have a gambling addiction.

Gambling addictions have backers, which include envy, greed, selfishness, etc and these backers extend to the all-mighty dollar, power and control. Most gamblers strive to gain power and control through the power of money. The impulses can drive the person to commit crimes, especially if gambling is not fulfilling the needs. Gambling then has lead to murder, theft, etc extending to extreme corruption.

Life in itself is a risk, or gamble. Everyday we awake we are taking chances when we walk out the door. Still, with all the risks and gambles we take in life, this is not enough for everyone.

Where Gambling starts?

Few of the backers in gambling addictions arise from poverty, the feeling of hopelessness, etc, which the person tires out from struggling throughout the life. The person will expect success in turn giving into his impulses, obsessions, and compulsions. This leads to the habit of gambling, since it will help escape the feelings inside.

Obsessions and compulsive response is dangerous in itself. A person obsessed often reaches for goals that are out of reach and will do anything to reach those goals. Rather obsession is a persistency in disturbed preoccupations, which often entail unreasonable notions or feelings. Thus, this is an imbalanced forceful motivation.

The penalties of compulsive gambling can be catastrophic. Not only colossal amounts overdue incur but also the person is at risk of going to jail. While casinos are opening the doors worldwide, the act of gambling in itself is illegal in most states.

If you suspect you have a gambling problem, it is wise to stay clear of casinos and lottery stations. This will help you avoid the urges. You can also ask friends and family for support to deal with your impulses, compulsions, and obsessions. One of the better highs in life is knowing that you earned your way through the pain-stricken world, and that you earned your success by working hard. Never give up there is always help!



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