Addiction a Cancer? Yes, Says Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen, father of Hollywood’s favorite bad boy Charlie Sheen has likened his son’s addictions to a cancer.

The senior Sheen sees no reason to differentiate between cancer and the sort of addictions that his son has battled over the years – as one would treat a person’s cancer, so should one tackle the disease of addiction, he has opined.

And as one would display concern and love to try and bring a beloved back from the brink if they had cancer, one should similarly approach addictions to save loved ones from them.

Addiction a Cancer

According to recent news reports, Charlie Sheen, star of the popular sitcom Two and a Half Men is currently in rehab, having checked himself into an undisclosed location.

The various addictions of Charlie Sheen have provided fodder for the tabloids for a long time now – in 1998 the actor accidentally injected himself with an over dose of cocaine.

He has frequently featured in the news for his alcohol and drug abuse, and for various misdemeanors and violent episodes, such as assault and an accidental shooting connected to his addictions.

When addictions so vitiate a life, it does perhaps make sense to view them as a cancer and then treat them as such.



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