Addicted To Prescription Drugs? How To Tell If One Is Addicted To Prescription Drugs

prescription drugsSometimes people form a dependence upon prescription medication for reasons other than to treat the symptoms that they were originally prescribed for.

There is the desire to take them between doses and beyond the period for which they are required to be taken. Here are some signs of being addicted to prescription medication:

  • Having no interest in treatments that are alternatives to the medication: in other words not being really interested in curing the self of the affliction.
  • Imagining further symptoms or giving vague details to be prescribed more medication.
  • Mood swings could be an indication of dependence.
  • Visiting more than one doctor or pharmacy in order to obtain more dosages of medications.
  • Continuing to take medications even after the abatement of symptoms or for reasons other than the actual symptoms.
  • Taking larger or more frequent doses of the medications.
  • Using other people’s medications that are not specifically prescribed.
  • A past history of being addicted to drugs.

Addiction to prescription drugs can start quite innocently; without one realizing that an addiction is slowly taking a grip on an individual. Look out for these above signs in yourself or people close to you, so that the addiction can be nipped in the bud.



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