About Addiction and Addicts

What makes me an addict? Why is the world persecuting me? I am tired of people judging me. This world has so many problems I need to escape now or I am going to lose my mind.

Alcohol and Pornography Addicts

Alcohol addicts might decide it is time to cut down on their drinking, yet once they try a problem arises that leads them into stress, which in turn the addict will pick up another drink and make excuses. On the other hand, when a person is addicted to sex they may wonder why me?

Pornography is the origin of sexual deviants and we can see that pornography urbanized and continued right through society, reaching back to B.C. Prostitution and other sexual infertilities have been issues long before today, yet a person might wonder why this is happening to them. Yet sex addictions are extreme, since many types of sex addicts include pedophiles, serial killers, rapists, etc.

Gambler’s Addictions

Gamblers Addicts of gambling has benefactors, which comprise desire, voraciousness, self-centeredness, et cetera and these backers extend to the all-mighty dollar, power and control. The majority of gamblers make every effort to gain power and control through the power of money. The impulses can drive the person to commit crimes, especially if gambling is not fulfilling the needs. Gambling then has lead to murder, theft, etc extending to extreme corruption. What are the signs of gambling addictions?

A number of people judge that if you are missing work hours or school time, resultant from gambling habits, likely then you have a problem. Does your friends and family see you as a greedy ill person? In other words, what has gambling done to your reputation, or status in life? Do you feel embossed because of your gambling problem? Do you habitually borrow cash to support your gambling habits? Is gambling habits putting harmful thoughts in your mind, such as robbery, theft, etc?

Cocaine Addicts

Cocaine addicts might ask what it is about the drug that makes them crave. Cocaine is a form of speed that gets a person high for a short time, thus after the high ceases the person will start to crave. This leads to dependency and addiction. Some people will snort a line of cocaine through their nose, and after so long of use the high does not give them the appeal it did at first, and thus they increase the lines. In addition, after so long and the drug is not working as it did at one time, the person may resort to crack cocaine or heroin. Otherwise, a person truly addicted to cocaine will run into areas of his/her life where they cannot afford the drug and will go to extremes to find money to get the drug. As you can see this drug is highly addictive, thus what make you crave the drug are the ingredients. Cocaine also comes in form of rocks (known as crack), etc.

Love and Relationship Addicts

Persons with love and relationship addictions are often angry inside, since the sense of nurturing was denied from childhood, or else the person was abandoned during his/her earlier phase of life. Often these people will suffer depression and will manipulate their situation and people in an effort to control others. The person perceives elements of relationships, such as attachment, magnetism, and sex as a human requirement.


Impulses are a stimulation, or motivation that forces our body ahead, conveying behaviors. Impulses if not self-disciplined will cause an individual to react on sudden unprompted thought or inclinations, inciting to unplanned action. At what time the impulses are imbalanced, an individual often falls into the state of addiction. Impulses then become a compulsive reaction, which can lead to obsession or compulsive-obsessive disorders. This is the problem with most persons addicted to any drug, alcohol, nicotine, eating, gambling, etc. Check your impulses!



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