5 Common Signs of Gambling Addiction

Do you feel gambling is taking over your life? Are you facing trouble quitting it? If yes, then you may have become addicted to the habit. Here are a few signs that are commonly found in compulsive gamblers:

5 Common Signs of Gambling Addiction

1: Inability to Stop Gambling

There are people who gamble for fun and know their limits. They know when to stop and not go out of control with their betting. However, there are others who are into compulsive gambling. They just can’t say no when it comes to gambling even though they know they’re losing both time and money. From becoming a habit to turning into a destructive addiction, gambling takes over their life. They try to struggle out of it but their efforts are in vain.

2: Gambling with Money that You Cannot Afford to Lose

The worst thing about problem gambling is that it pushes you to bet with money that you can’t afford to lose. The money that should have been used for your children’s education or paying the bills or for savings gets used for betting. And it only gets worse when you’re done spending all of your own money and start borrowing it. The situation keeps getting messier and messier.

3: Going Beyond the Fun Factor

Having a good time betting a few dollars here and there for the sake of recreational gambling isn’t harmful. But what happens when you start to gamble reasons that are beyond having fun? Gambling addicts look at betting as way to escape from their day to day problems and to get rid of anxiety. Even though gambling isn’t the answer to any issue or problem, an addict will try to use it as a support system.

4: Gambling More to Recover Lost Money

You know you are a problem gambler if you have tried to recover your losses by betting more – over and over again. How can “betting more” be the solution to your financial problem when it is the actual cause of it? But compulsive gamblers fail to realize this, which makes it even more difficult to get rid of their addiction.

#5: Putting Gambling Before Important Things

If you give gambling more priority than the other important part of your life then it’s clear that the addiction has taken control of you. Missing time at work or not being able to spend time with the family since you’re busy at the casino just goes on to show how relationships and careers can be destroyed because of one single habit.

Do you find the above signs in you? If yes, then take early action to quit to stop gambling for good. Here’s how:

1) First and foremost, admit that you have a serious problem. Gambling addiction treatment will only be effective if you accept your condition and are ready to overcome it.

2) Get support from family and friends so that you get the needed encouragement to quit.

3) Avoid any environment such as a racetrack or a casino that may lead to gambling.

4) Replace your gambling habit with a positive habit/activity such as rock climbing or jogging.

5) Finally, get some professional help since psychotherapy along with other medications can help you get over your gambling addiction.

Guest Post provided by Becky W.



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