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major reasons of broken relationships and how to prevent them

8 Major Reasons of Broken Relationships and How to Prevent Them

Living a peaceful and fulfilling life with your partner is the first wish of any couple. Unfortunately, this does not happen always! Predicting a true and long lasting relationship in the beginning is always not possible but as time moves on, one can realize and feel how strong or weak is the bonding with your […]

ideal ways to keep yourself happy at work

8 Ideal Ways to Keep yourself Happy at Work

Workplace is an essential phenomenon in everyone’s life; be it any domain or industry, you need to visit that place every day and stay there for a pretty long time handling core responsibilities. For men, going to work is almost mandatory as per our social structure but for women, often it is considered as a […]

why will power and discipline is important

Why Will Power and Discipline is Important?

Will power and discipline are the two most important virtues needed in order to develop and grow as a responsible human being. But what does these terms actually mean? What is Will Power? Will power is our ability to control the harmful impulses. A combined feeling of happiness and optimism helps to develop will power. […]


Top 5 Surprising Herbs to Control Anger

Like every other emotion anger also comes naturally to a person. Anger is usually a reaction to express dislike or frustration. But anger can be extremely negative when a person loses his self-control and rational thinking. It is in such situations where anger needs some control and a positive way to channel out the feelings. […]