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merits and demerits of marrying at a young age

Marrying at a Young Age – Merits and Demerits

‘What is the perfect age to get married?’ – This is one question that must have come across your mind at least once, if not more.  Marriage is one decision that must be taken with utmost care as it involves more than two lives. If you are wondering whether it is better to get married […]

tips to make yourself likeable

Tips and Tricks to make yourself Likeable and Loved

Life means attaining goals on a regular basis – be it for short term or long term and in the process you need to interact and get involved with too many people around. Making you liked by all is just next to impossible as all people do not have same outlook and opinion clashes can […]

why do you need to set priorities

Why do you Need to Set Priorities?

Leading a proper life cannot be like a bed of roses; you will have to juggle with multiple responsibilities, like arranging for everything you deal with and also meeting the deadlines. Each and every aspect of life has importance to some degree, be it childcare, relationship with spouse, personal need and relaxation, office chores and […]


Escapism – What and How to Deal?

When you try to avoid something – the act can be said as ‘escapism’. It can come in different forms as you try to seek for alternatives like playing or sleeping. Some also drown themselves in work or other destructive addictions like smoking, drinking, emotional eating (bingeing), gambling or even drugs. Life is a very […]