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difference between interpersonal and intra-personal communication

Difference Between Interpersonal and Intra-Personal Communication

The two terms “interpersonal and intrapersonal” are self explanatory. The word ‘inter’ means between and ‘intra’ means within. When a communication takes place between two or more individuals, it is termed as interpersonal communication, whereas if the communication is exclusively within a single individual, it is an intra-personal one. Both inter and intra are equally […]

tips to deal with nervous stomach anxiety

Tips to Deal with Nervous Stomach Anxiety

Being nervous is unsatisfactory for one’s health. Overcoming nervousness is not an easy task and needs to be shed with utmost care. When you tend to feel nervous your heart beats faster, your palms sweat and you even have a cramping nervous stomach. Many people experience such symptoms while opting for an interview or presentation […]

what is wrap rage and how to deal with it

What is Wrap Rage and How to Deal with it?

‘Wrap rage’ is also termed as package rage which describes the extraordinary fury resulting from the inability to open tough packages. For instance, heated plastic blister packs and clamshells are packed rigidly that requires tremendous effort to unlock. Often it is observed that people succumb to injuries or sprain wrists from the tools used to […]

how to get over gambling addiction

How to Get Over Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction or compulsive gambling is a kind of impulse-control disorder. The gamblers are unable to control the impulse to gamble, even on knowing that gambling is ruining much of their lives, money, relations and work status. The gamblers do the act out of compulsiveness and that is all they want to do, no matter […]