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ways to live life without regrets

Ways to Live Life Without Regrets

‘Regrets’ in life are experienced by all at some point or the other. Often regrets can be very strong that creates mental disturbance to lead a normal life. It is of no use to lament over your regrets but you should think rationally and overcome the regret to make use of the present and future […]

know whether you are content or complacent

Know Whether you are Content or Complacent?

Most people start their life feeling content with what they currently have. A small family, a house to live in and a job that earns an amount required to pay off the monthly bills of the family is what one hopes for maximum. As years proceed and children grow older, you realize that what you […]

effective self confidence tips for an interview

The Most Effective Self Confidence Tips for an Interview

In most interviews, the interviewers test the self confidence and personality of candidates rather than the answers to questions themselves. It won’t be wrong to state that self confidence is the most important trait needed to make it through various kinds of interviews including job interviews, college admission interviews, visa interviews and others. But not […]

sings of inferiority complex

Top 7 Sings of Inferiority Complex

An inferiority complex is a state where a person tends to persistently believe and feel that they are not as good as others or are not able to measure up to others.  It is a definite sign of low self esteem and is a feeling of ‘I am not good enough’. Most of us have […]