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tips and tricks to be punctual at work

Useful Tips and Tricks to be Punctual at Work

Punctuality is a virtue that every child should be taught right from pre-school days. Till retirement, we need to follow a certain time schedule at work place for good reasons. If you are expected to be on duty within 9 o’clock, then you should be complying with this rule as your availability will show your […]

ways for new moms to de-stress

Top 7 Ways for New Moms to De-Stress

“Time” becomes a valuable commodity when you become a new mom. The days will go stressful, tiring, busy and hectic as you now have the “huge” responsibility of a baby who will be depending on you completely for everything; if its twins all the strain is doubled. In all probabilities, you haven’t slept more than […]

tips and tactics to grow spiritually

Tips and Tactics to Grow Spiritually

Spiritual growth is everything about self evolution and this inner process should be a yearning for every individual. Realising the spiritual values and conscience is not only limited to people living in monasteries or ashrams, but for all. Spiritual awakening is very important for happier, harmonious and better quality of living. The state of mind […]

deal with disappointment effectively and positively

How to Deal with Disappointment Effectively and Positively?

Disappointment is explained as a state of mind with the feeling of sadness or displeasure that happens due to the non-fulfilment of a person’s hopes or expectations. This feeling is very close to regret and mainly happens due to personal choices. Many people can overcome disappointment because they have a stronger state of mind, willpower, […]