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tip to deal with depression after retirement

Tips to Deal with Depression after Retirement

Most of the people who advances towards the age of 60, builds an apprehensive idea about retirement. Although you might be yearning for retirement to fulfill all your unfulfilled dreams, you will still be reluctant to handle the bites of depression. Before retiring, you might have thought that it a will be a vacation time […]

pros and cons of goal setting

What are the Pros and Cons of Goal Setting?

A lot of discussion has been made in various domains as to how setting a specific goal helps you to have better success rate in your undertakings. However, it is also to be mentioned that goal setting does have some negative impact too, and not everything is perfect with this motivational method. Most of the […]

things that you must not say to your spouse

6 Things that you must not Say to your Spouse

Often during a heated argument among spouses, people say things that they don’t mean to. But since the other partner does not know, that they did not mean it, it can unnecessarily complicate the situation and also hurt the person on the receiving end. Therefore one must be careful before saying things they do not […]

what to do if you have a controlling partner

What to do if you have a Controlling Partner

Relationships these days are becoming harder to maintain due to various pgychological and emotional factors. When one of the partners is a controlling and dominating person the situation becomes even worse. If the problem is not dealt in the right away, it will lead to bigger issues and eventually may also lead to the falling […]