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tips to motivate yourself to study

Tips to Motivate Yourself to Study

Most students, no matter what their age need motivation to study, more so when they are starting to study after a long gap. It is common to sit down with books and feel as if you have not slept for ages. A student who has been motivated for studying would be able to go that […]

useful tips to get over obsession

8 Useful Tips to Get Over Obsession

Obsession in any form is not good and it is something that you need to get over with. When you are obsessed with something or someone, you fail to see or care about anything apart from that particular object of obsession or person who you are obsessed with. Getting over obsession is not very difficult […]

pros and cons of management training courses

Pros and Cons of Management Training Courses

Any organization needs at least one manager whose job is to see and manage all the activities of the organization at large and thus there is a huge demand for managers all across the world. Generally, any management course teaches you about a lot of things those are related to the normal functioning of any […]

deal with criticism as a leader

How to Deal with Criticism as a Leader

Being a leader is not easy and it surely is a big responsibility. It of course comes with many rewards as people trust you, follow you and you are their inspiration. However, there is another side of the coin as well where people disrespect you and a lot of criticism, sometimes with your fault and […]