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tips to overcome depression after losing a job

Tips to Overcome Depression After Losing a Job

Losing a job is definitely a tough situation to handle; both emotionally and financially it can be destroying. The high rising expenditure of everyday life and financial support every individual needs to give to their family are the prime causes that break down a person after a job loss. You will feel vulnerable, terribly hurt, […]

useful tips to attain a deeper voice

Useful Tips to Attain a Deeper Voice

A rich deep voice is associated with the sex appeal of a man in our society. A man with well built physique and chiseled features can sound ridiculous with a high-pitched voice. A deep baritone is not only attractive to the other gender but it is also revered by the same sex. A proud owner […]

strait and trait anxieties

Are you Familiar with Strait and Trait Anxieties?

In the modern world we are all familiar with the idea of anxiety. Anxiety can be termed as that kind of mental unhappiness that results in physical and psychological discomfort. However there can two kinds of anxiety, strait and trait. In people with psychiatric disorders, the state and trait anxiety concepts are more applicable than […]

get rid of your past resentment

Get Rid of your Past Resentment in 5 Easy Steps

When you are just about to overcome past resentments, make your mind clear about three points – it’s going to be a process and will not happen in one day, it might get worse before you actually start feeling better, and you will need loads of willingness and an open heart and mind. Past resentments […]