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self help strategies for building self esteem

Self-help Strategies for Building Self Esteem

For any person, it is very important to feel good about oneself and have high regard and respect.  Having self-esteem is highly important and rather necessary for any individual as without it, it is hard to expect others to respect you.  But in certain life situations, everyone may experience the problem of low self-esteem either […]

tips for mental health recovery

Top 7 Tips for Mental Health Recovery

If you are someone who has experience a mental health problem lately, then you must be aware of how tough things can be when you are trying to recover. A mental health illness does not only affect the mind but also creates a dis-balance in the emotions, the physical health and relationships. Recovering from it […]

obsession with body image destroys our happiness

Mirror Mirror: How our Obsession with Body Image Destroys our Happiness

That famous line echos from Wonderland to practically every home in the developed world. Every morning, we gaze in the mirror, wondering how fair we are compared to some imagined standard of fairness. The mirror we query is not the rectangle of glass suspended three feet in front of us. It is the inner reflection […]

set your financial goals

Set your Financial Goals – They Deliver Amazing Results

We all set holiday goals, career goals and family goals for ourselves but how many of us really set financial goals as we move forward in life? Goal-setting is something which brings discipline in life and has an impact on the way we do things.  It sets our focus and makes us move in the […]

ways to control work related anger

Top Ways to Control Work Related Anger

It is not uncommon to lose your cool while at work or at the office. The pressure of deadlines, the tension of going wrong and the difficult client can all come together to make you reach your boiling point and then the anger might just explode. But it is very important to keep the anger […]