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gratitude leads to success

Gratitude Leads to Success and Happiness

In the technical sense of the word, gratitude means being thankful for an action and readiness to show appreciation for kindness. We all have learnt these words in our moral science classes where our teachers taught us how important it is to say ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’. In other words we were taught the […]

self confidence is important in business

Why Self Confidence is Important in Business

Business is another word for expressing the relationship between two groups in agreement who want to deal with each other in lieu of money and work. Thus it requires an amount of trust and persuasion so that this bond can be created. And when there is a give and take relationship, the consenting parties must […]

results of a disorganized life

Results of a Disorganized Life

There are several benefits of being organized in life – professionally and personally. But things go awry if you do not have things in order Just imagine your clothes closet where your dresses are all in a pile. You will not be able to find the right outfit in time and that will leave you […]

meditation and memory management

Meditation and Memory Management – A Symbiotic Relation

The power of meditation is immense and it has been since the beginning of time that we have associated good memory to meditation. But you might wonder how these two are related. Well to break it down, our brain is like a box with compartments. With age these compartments increase and as we age further, […]

love alive in your marriage

Keep your Love Alive in your Marriage

Been married for years and are wondering how to keep the love alive and sustain your marriage for longer? It’s a cause of worry for more people than we care to realise. The busy work schedules, the tiring and exhaustive lives, the never ending sagas of the world keep us busy and may draw our […]

goal setting for students

10 Benefits of Goal Setting for Students

Goal setting is undeniably one of the most important aspects that students should learn at the right age. It helps to build a purpose as it will aid the child gain self confidence and belief and make him realize that he should aim for something worthwhile and meaningful in life. Moreover, proper idea of goal […]

types of depression

Different Types of Depression

There are various types of depressions that a normal human being can be struck with. Symptoms range from a relatively minor depression to its extreme psychotic levels. Hence it is absolutely necessary to be aware of the different types of depressions, its symptoms and its cures. Major Depression This is the most widely known depression. […]

meditation on anxiety and panic

Benefits of Meditation on Anxiety and Panic

Most individuals first learn about panic attacks in the crisis room. They were surged there considering that they were having heart attacks due to chest aches, tipsiness and a quick pulse. In the event that they test negative for a heart attack, the determination is typically panic attack. Luckily, anxiety and panic attacks are a […]