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Time Management Mistakes To Avoid

5 Most Common Time Management Mistakes To Avoid

In the pursuit to manage time well and effectively, you may tend to make mistakes which might just mess with the whole idea of managing time in the first place. These mistakes must be avoided at all costs as they can prove very expensive and may discourage you from managing time in the future. Time […]


Fear of Failure

Napoleon Bonaparte once said “He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat.” What the former French Emperor is saying that those who live in fear of failing are bound to. Fear of failure is something that grips all of us. Nobody wants to fail but sometimes in life you have to, there can be […]

Ways Of Coping With Loneliness

Ways Of Coping With Loneliness

Acceptance and loneliness are acronyms to each other.  In life, everybody faces loneliness once or may be many times. You feel lonely when you fail to receive acceptance from your preferred group, family or friends and in such situations, you don’t feel fit in the society or surroundings. Loneliness at a certain point to a […]

Communication Skills Over Phone

Communication Skills Over Phone

Phone is an indispensable technology in one’s life, used to communicate with others. Without a mobile phone, nobody can imagine their life. We keep on talking to friends, parents, relatives, clients, lovers and it goes on. But were you aware that there’s communication behavior in place when you talk to someone? Guess, most of you […]

How To Motivate Your Child

How To Motivate Your Child

Children are like a handful of mud and can be molded in any shape like the guardian wishes to. To some extent this proverb is correct, but in the present generation the children have started making their individual choice – not necessarily to be for the bad always. However, unfortunately parents turn a deaf ear […]

Negotiating Your Notice Period

Points To Remember While Negotiating Your Notice Period

Sometimes resigning from a job for a new one is more difficult than you can imagine. Doing it the wrong way can turn the relationship that you share with your boss a bit rusty and it might reflect on your character certificate as well! Situations can get worse if you are put up as a […]

chalk out your To-Do List

How to chalk out your To-Do List

While managing the daily chores of life, you might get perplexed often with queries like this juggling in – So many things to do, so less time, wish the day would have longer hours, what is I forget the important jobs in time? Life would be really easy if the work would be perfectly aligned […]

self improvement

Improve Your Risk Tolerance And Take The Upper Edge!

The world is a stiff competition for all budding and aspiring entrepreneurs and the genre can be anything – the world now does not have any space for monopolies whatsoever. Most of these young men fall short in this race because of their low risk tolerance in the business. If you are one such entrepreneur […]