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games to improve communication skills

Top 3 Games Designed to Improve Communication Skills

In today’s world where experimental education has taken over conventional school methodologies, every day a new way of educating and developing your child is being researched. It is observed that one of the best methods to teach various things to your child is through games. Following are some of the games which help develop communication […]


Top 4 Ways to Set Smart Goals

Competitive people have some qualities that make them different from others. These days, there is a new philosophy that has being followed by young and enthusiastic achievers. They do not just believe in smart ways but also make sure they have smart goals. This method is well known to all those who multi-task and achieve […]

Right Attire to Impress the Interviewers

Choose the Right Attire to Impress the Interviewers in Your First Interview

There is a long list of books about the importance of dressing for the right occasion and event. One of the most important events of anyone’s life is a job interview. Your appearance speaks volumes for you as soon as you enter the room for your interview. You are not only judged on the basis […]

Improve Marriage Post Separation

Top 5 Ways to Improve Marriage Post Separation

After separation every individual suffers several mental blocks that restrict him from improving his next marriage. But that certainly does not mean there are no ways to deal with marriage after separation. Here are some of the points that one can work on for a successful marriage after separation. 1.Power of hearing For a good […]

Techniques to Develop Leadership

Teach To Lead: Top 5 Techniques to Develop Leadership

There are several methods by which one can start training individuals to be leaders in their respective fields. The techniques devised to help a person be a better leader are tried and tested and have been practiced all over the world by successful individuals. Although it is important for one to take up the initiative […]

Management Training Program

Top 4 Steps To Designing Effective Management Training Program

Management Administration is one of the most sought after fields of studies in current scenario. Every company needs a good management team to progress and expand. To serve this purpose there are specially designed training programs for professionals for managing their work effectively. These training programs may span from one week to several months depending […]

Anger Control and Setback Handing Methods

Top 4 Anger Control and Setback Handing Methods

Everyone goes through rough experiences that cause mood swings. The most obvious reaction is anger outburst and irritation due to ups and downs of personal or professional life. These outbursts of anger and upset mood patches can be dealt with simple techniques which have been proved very effective. Anger Management can be done with the […]

Motivational Interviewing

What Is Motivational Interviewing?

Psychologists across the globe heavily rely on Motivational Interviewing for the counselling of problem thinkers. This technique was developed by a clinical psychologist Professor William R. Miller and Professor Stephen Rollnick. The method can effectively be used to facilitate and engage intrinsic motivation within the person who needs behavioral modifications. One may call it a goal-oriented […]