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A New Way to Examine Your Life

A New Way to Examine Your Life

People used to think that psychic readings were really all about making contact with people they had known who had died, or as a way of finding a lost treasured item. Psychics and seers have long been known as having a gift to connect with the spiritual world and people of all walks of life […]


Rehab Not Jail (Infographic)

Every year billions of dollars are spent in the war on drugs. A good chunk of these billions is used simply on maintaining the prisons that are full to the brim with drug related offenders. Despite all the money spent, the problem is only getting worse. Any business or organization that didn’t evaluate, improve, or […]


Symptoms of Psychological Abuse in Women

There are many women in the world who face psychological and physical abuse from their family members, husbands and other people and although the signs of physical abuse are more visible, it is difficult to find out if she is going through any form of psychological abuse or not. Although emotional or psychological abuse is […]