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Importance of Negotiation Skills at Work and In Business

To understand the importance of negotiation skills, you have to understand that negotiation is not just about getting your own way or bargaining. It is also about conciliation, about conflict resolution, diplomacy, collaborative effort, and about decision making. The importance of negotiation skills and the many ways in which these skills can help you are: […]

Anxiety Attacks and Their Characteristics

Different Types of Anxiety Attacks and Their Characteristics

Mental health professionals and experts generally recognize 6 different types of anxiety attacks and disorders. These are important to identify and treat in a timely fashion so that they don’t escalate and spiral out of control. We look briefly at the types of anxiety attacks, their nature and their characteristics.   1. Generalized Anxiety Disorder […]


Are You Having a Panic Attack? Identifying Panic Attack Symptoms

Panic attack symptoms can be distressing in the extreme, even terrifying. Rather than a disorder in themselves, panic attacks are one of the symptoms of anxiety or panic disorders. Not only is a panic attack an extremely scary experience, it can take days to recover from one. Panic attack symptoms People often describe the symptoms […]


How Effective Is Cognitive Therapy for Depression?

Cognitive therapy for depression is one of the most effective ways to combat this mood disorder. Cognitive therapy is a type of psychotherapy developed by psychiatrist Aaron T Beck in the 1960s. It is widely used today for resolving mood disorders in conjunction with medications or when patients do not respond to medication. What is […]


Types of Therapy for Depression – Your Options

The treatment options for the types of therapy for depression are many. Though there are medications that can be quite effective for treating depression, sometimes they don’t work. The side effects of these medications can be significant, so wanting to avoid a pharmacological approach is another reason to opt for therapy. Psychoanalysis or Psycho dynamic […]

signs of anger management problems

8 Signs of Anger Management Problems You May Recognize

Are you wondering whether your behavior is questionable and that these are actually signs of anger management problems? What constitutes anger management issues and what are the signs you need to look for to identify that you have an anger management problem? 1. You’re losing your sense of humor You tend to be prickly and […]

Types of Psychotherapy for Depression

The Types of Psychotherapy for Depression That Can Work for You

Psychotherapy is the umbrella term used for various types of psychological therapy offered by a therapist to the affected individual with or without their family to improve well being. There are various types of psychotherapy for depression that use different techniques such as communication, dialogue, behavior change etc. What are the types of psychotherapy for depression? Psychotherapy […]


10 Manic Depression Signs and Symptoms

Bipolar disorder is the term used to describe manic depression or manic depressive disorder, a type of mood disorder. The characteristic manic depression signs and symptoms are rapid cycling or manic episodes of very high spirits, energy, and along with depressive episodes; often both at the same time. Genetics, environmental factors, life events, interpersonal relationships and physiological […]