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Steps to Improve Negotiation Skills

Steps to Improve Negotiation Skills

Any of us can benefit from the steps to improve negotiation skills. Negotiation is something each of us does on a daily basis. We do it to get the other person to see our point of view, for your single or collective advantage, resolve a point of difference etc. at home, work, school, even as […]

8 Physical Signs of Addiction

8 Physical Signs of Addiction to Watch Out For

An addiction is something that has far-reaching impacts on life: physical, mental, social, emotional, and professional. The physical signs of addiction are important to look out for. As an observer, you may be able to spot signs that signal addiction: 1. Changes in energy levels or excessive sleepiness One of the physical signs of addiction could be […]

Physical Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Common Physical Signs of Alcohol Addiction

If you suspect someone close to you of being addicted to alcohol or even suspect that you yourself may be dependent, you can look for physical signs of alcohol addiction to clarify matters. Thought addicts typically become quite adept at hiding and being secretive, there could be certain signs that could be giveaways of the […]


Overcoming Alcohol Addiction Tips and Self Help

Here are some overcoming alcohol addiction tips and pointers that you can use as self-help to overcome your addiction. Whether you’re trying to kick the habit on your own or whether you’re looking for self-help pointers that can supplement a recovery program, the following will help: 1. Find your motivation Make a list of all the reasons […]

Overcoming a Sugar Addiction

Understanding and Overcoming a Sugar Addiction

The complexities of overcoming a sugar addiction are often misunderstood and underestimated by the addict as well as others around. It’s just sugar after all; all you have to do is stop eating sugary stuff! This could be a common misconception that many of us could have. Understanding is the first step towards overcoming a […]

Getting Over the Guilt

Letting Go: Getting Over the Guilt

There are so many situations that cause the feeling of remorse or responsibility in us – rightly or wrongly, we feel guilt at our act and omissions – this guilt can have far-reaching consequences for us and our lives. Any perceived violation of a code of conduct, either social or personal (relating to our conscience) […]


Tips for Getting Over Stage Fright

It is known as performance anxiety or more colloquially, it is stage fright that can besiege so many of us – when we go up on a stage or in front of a room full of people or when we have to pose before a camera. These situations seem to bring out the worst in […]