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10 Effective Ways to Be Happy

10 Effective Ways to Be Happy

From weather to size of your bank balance, happiness is always ephemeral that cannot reach to permanent state. However there are few ways to bring happiness to your life. 1. Get better sleep: For staying healthy and happy, good sleep is very essential for every one. So, ensure that you get sound 8 hours sleep every night. […]


How to Overcome Peer Pressure?

Even though, peer pressure is most common problem faced by young children, it can certainly happen to everyone at any age. It will be like feeling that you have to do something just because your friends are doing it. Combating peer pressure Peer pressure, if reflected in positive way to mould yourself into better person, […]

What Is a ‘Frenemy

What Is a ‘Frenemy’? How to Deconstruct and Steer Clear of It?

The term frenemy is a recent one, and comes from an amalgam of the words friend and enemy. A frenemy is a person who could be a close associate who is also a rival and competitor or a frenemy could be a person who is inimical but in the guise of a friend. A frenemy at work […]

How to Overcome Procrastination in Achieving Goals

How to Overcome Procrastination in Achieving Goals?

When it comes to achieving success, procrastination is one of the biggest enemies that can probably hinder the personal development of an individual. Allied with laziness and lack of proper motivation, procrastination is quite capable to crash down your dreams and holds you back from achieving goals. Fortunately, there are many ways to overcome procrastination. Visualize […]

6 Unusual Diet Tips to Get a Healthier YOU

6 Unusual Diet Tips to Get a Healthier YOU

The fad diets don’t work, and reading health magazines came to naught; even the weight one lost came back after a while. So here are some out of the box suggestions to help you lose weight and get healthy as compiled by Psychology Today, which you may find work really well for you. 1. Watch TV at the […]


What Makes you Happy?

A recent British survey to gauge the happiness of people and to create a well-being index (which offers more insight into quality of life than mere economic parameters) indicated that it is not just money that people value. In the British happiness survey, some people responded by saying that a grand Utopian ideal world would make […]

Setting Goals And Achieving Them Can Do Wonders For Your Mind And Body

Have you ever considered how good you feel when you make a ‘to-do’ list for the day while you’re having your morning cup of coffee and before you go to bed as you cross off the items? Don’t you feel good? Setting goals and achieving them doesn’t always have to be as ambitious as climbing Mount Everest or losing […]

recovering from tragedy

Recovering from a Tragedy – Ways and Means to Cope with Bereavement

Any tragedy, which can take different forms but in particular bereavement or the loss of a near and dear one, can be one of the most difficult losses to bear. The loss of someone you love can be a life altering event and one would typically have to call up tremendous reserves of strength and […]