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feel better

Quick Ways to Feel Better in Difficult Times of Life

Life is like a rollercoaster ride. Now you are happy, the next moment you may be depressed or disturbed due to many reasons. Experiencing joy all the time is impossible; at the same time difficult times will not stay for long periods in your life. So, if you learn to balance these two important aspects, […]

Addiction a Cancer

Addiction a Cancer? Yes, Says Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen, father of Hollywood’s favorite bad boy Charlie Sheen has likened his son’s addictions to a cancer. The senior Sheen sees no reason to differentiate between cancer and the sort of addictions that his son has battled over the years – as one would treat a person’s cancer, so should one tackle the disease of addiction, he […]

personal relationship

Brilliant Ways to Compromise in Personal Relationship Without Resentment

When you want to maintain strong bond of relationship with your loved one or with your favorite friend, it is very important for you to compromise in certain aspects. More often, compromise hurts everyone involved in it. In business relationships, it can be easy for you to compromise, but when it comes to personal relationships, […]

parenting problems

Is Your Kid Troubling You? Common Parenting Problems

Parenting is a skill that you should cultivate by your own. No matter whatever is your parenting style, it is quite common for you to face certain parenting problems. So, if you succeed in identifying those particular problems and find right solutions for them, you can successfully prove yourself as a better parent and also […]

single awareness day

Singles Awareness Day – An Alternative to Valentine’s Day

The cloying romanticism of Valentine’s Day, the in your face commercialization of the 14th of February can be off-putting for a number of individuals whether in a relationship or single. Also for obvious reasons, Valentine’s Day can be difficult to get through for those whose relationship just ended or those who are single but don’t want […]

men commit faster

Men Commit Faster than Women, says Survey

If you thought that it was men who were chary of commitment, then a new survey conducted by an online dating service is saying otherwise. is the largest online dating serviceand a survey conducted by the website involving more than 5000 individuals between the ages of 21 and 65, revealed unexpected and atypical results; that men […]

being grateful

The Importance of Being Grateful and Tips to be Grateful

Count your Blessings and not your Crosses we were told as children, and this holds as true for us as adults. Being grateful for what you have reminds you not to be envious and jealous and helps us in our quest to be content and happy. Here are the following tips to develop an attitude of gratitude– 1. In […]

get and stay motivated

18 Easy to Follow Ways to Get and Stay Motivated

What is your goal – getting a job, losing ten pounds or learning new skills? Whatever it may be, it doesn’t matter. Motivation makes a great difference between success and failure. Here are some easy to follow ways to get and stay motivated: 1. If you get good ideas, write them down the very moment […]