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good communication

Good Communication – a Workplace Requirement

Communication doubtlessly is a hugely important component of any successful relationship. However communication and good speaking skills are important from a professional standpoint as well. According to the Wall Street Journal blog, one of the things that employers look for most in a job candidate is verbal or communication or speaking skills. We may think […]


Phobias – Inherited or Learned Behavior?

Those irrational and often uncontrollable fears that so many of us have, phobias, can be a complicated thing. How do we get these phobias? Recent research has seen that phobias can run in families, because of the behaviors that we learn from our parents by imitation and so on. For instance, if the first time […]

holiday feasting in check

Tips to Keep Holiday Feasting in Check

Yes it is the season to be merry and to indulge in all manner of feasting and rich repast. However beware! It is also the season of putting on weight – on an average there is an estimated 5 pound weight gain for each of us, during the holiday season! With mouthwatering delicacies on offer, […]

peter mark roget

Thesaurus Day – Resolve This Day to Be a Better Communicator

Today is Thesaurus Day, so named because Peter Roget, the creator of the first ever Thesaurus was born on this day in 1779. Take the opportunity, this Thesaurus Day, to improve your language and vocabulary, which can contribute to becoming a more effective communicator. Free online resources such as and not only help […]

tips not to overspend

Tips Not to Overspend These Holidays

The holiday season is just round the bend and the urge to shop till you drop is never stronger as it is around this time of the year. Excessive shopping may be fueled by all sorts of things – clever marketing, a perceived need when there is none, a way to regulate emotions and repair […]


Do Your Kids Ignore Your FB Friend Requests?

Parents may be offended, hurt or maybe just puzzled and perhaps resigned that their friend requests addressed to their children on the social networking site Facebook has been ignored. And it isn’t as if these children are isolated from their parents or have bad relationships with them; so why is it that children ignore parents’ […]

managerial dilemmas

Managers – The 5 Managerial Dilemmas

The Wall Street Journal Blog put together a list of five problems managers face – these are common dilemmas that manager category personnel in the workplace routinely face, which they have to be adept at handling. Here are some of the common problems managers face, and their solutions – 1. Poor people skills One of […]

learning tai chi

7 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues – Part 2

Here are some more tips to deal with winter depression; the winter blues or seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – 1. Eat fish. Salmon, mackerel, tuna and similar fatty fish can offer valuable nutrients such as Omega 3 fatty acids. These have been seen to be effective against depression. And remember cooking from scratch is better […]