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cut back alcohol

How to Cut Back on Alcohol?

You don’t have to be an alcoholic or a dependent user to want to cut back on alcohol consumption; reasons of good health and one’s weight are reasons enough, if the morning after the night before is not. However in social situations, it is difficult to do so, making it seem as though you are […]

kids reduce stress

Tips To Help Kids Reduce Stress

Childhood is that happy, carefree, time of life, with never a fear and never a tear, right? In a word wrong! Childhood can be an incredibly stressful time for many, and for reasons that adults may least expect. Stress in children can take many forms and can occur due to a variety of different reasons […]

new year resolutions

Some Tips on Making the New Year Resolutions Stick

It is that time of the year, when we all resolve to make a fresh start in achieving long cherished goals – be they personal, health related or professional in nature. However personal experiences as well as surveys show us rather well that all our well intentioned promises to ourselves often fall by the wayside. […]

mother in law

Some Tips To Help You Deal With Your Mother-In-Law

The relationship that a woman has with her mother-in-law is usually far from simple and more often than not, is fraught with tension and even hostility. There is a sense of two women competing for the affection of a man. The relationship that a man has with his mother-in-law also may be problematic. With some […]

turning 30

Turning 30? It Could Be the Best Time of Your Life

Turning 30 can be a milestone that many may not welcome and yet it bears thinking about. However, there are many benefits that the 30’s bring along. Some women who are in their 30’s share their thoughts – One 30 something thinks this is the best time of her life – she is financially secure, […]

face say

What Does Your Face Say About You?

Most of us would say that a face says a lot about a person. Many would also agree that the way we look determines the way others react to us and consequently treat us. So while it is true that how we look determines a lot in our life, it is also true that life […]

nice ways to say no

Nice Ways to Say No

For some reason, it is always easier for men to say no; they are just being assertive – women on the other hand are expected to be nice and cooperative and more helpful; if they aren’t, they are given unflattering labels. Women tend to be people pleasers and less confrontational and so end up being […]

extra hour

Need 25 Hours In A Day? Here’s How To Squeeze Out An Extra Hour

Do you sometimes contemplate a day gone by wondering where the time went and feeling as though little, if any got accomplished? So what can you do to create more time for yourself each day? Here are some useful tips – Figure out at the beginning of each day what are the two most important […]