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coffee drinker

Coffee Drinker? 5 Reasons To Switch To Tea!

So many of us get out of bed, zombie like and seemingly unable to function normally until that first refreshing beverage hits the stomach and helps us kick start a new day. Over time we find that we develop a dependence on certain beverages for the way they refresh us, awaken us, and make us […]

work spouses

Rates Of ‘Work Spouses’ Rising

The rates of marriage in society is declining, however the incidence of “Work Spouses” is actually on the rise. According to a Canadian survey, 69% married men, 63% married women and 55% of unmarried individuals have had relationships with a co-worker that is tantamount to a ‘Work Spouse.’ The relationship with a work spouse could […]

prioritization techniques

Prioritization Techniques For Effective Time Management!

If you find that you are always falling short of time, or that things that need doing appear to get left behind, that you are stressed and unable to cope, then it is time for you to effectively prioritize your time and your activities. Using proper prioritization techniques can leave you with more time to […]

tantric sex

Tantric Sex – What Is It And How It Can Help Reignite A Relationship

Certain ancient Indian spiritual practices and rituals of worship that are based on the divine play between the goddess Shakti and god Shiva that seek to channel energy in creative and emancipatory ways is referred to as Tantra and in the West, Tantric sex has collected something of a cult following. Though tantric sex is […]


Is Envy Hard Wired Into Us?

Yes, says a Spanish economist, who thinks that we are genetically predisposed to be envious and that this is a part of our evolutionary inheritance. There are evolutionary reasons for us being envious of one another, and there are economic reasons and results of being envious, says a researcher from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. […]

men live longer

Having More Sex Could Help Men Live Longer

Recent research has shown that having a regular and healthy sex life could increase longevity in men. There is a caveat though – this benefit will accrue as long as the men remain faithful to their partners. Having a healthy sex life means that the risk of cardiovascular problems is lower, according to medical researchers […]

learning better

6 Tips To Help To Learn And Retain Learning Better!

This one is not just for students who are cramming for exams; any information that you want to retain, or memory you want to cement, these tricks will help you remember better so that recalling what you have learnt is not difficult. 1. Move your eyes from side to side Try this out, the next […]

depression treatment centers

What To Look For In Depression Treatment Centers?

Would you happen to know of someone who is always sad and feels inadequate? Does your child have trouble sleeping and eats only a little? Is your friend no longer interested in doing things with you, even to the extent of going outside of her house? These are some of the symptoms a depressed person […]