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improving self esteem

5 Tips On Improving Self-Esteem

Lucky are those who were born with a natural confidence. Unfortunately, for most of us, we have to build on our self esteem before we can even be confident of ourselves especially in front of other people. Improving self esteem takes some time but every second is worth it since the result is very rewarding. […]

low sex drive

Do You Fake A Headache To Avoid Sex? Your Brain Could Be Responsible

New research conducted by scientists suggests that there could be a physical reason why some women have persistently low sex drives or libidos. The difference in the way that the brain functioned was seen to be responsible for this, found the study. According to the study conducted by the Wayne State University in Detroit and […]

self help books for women

Top 5 Popular Topics Of Self Help Books For Women

If you think women are only interested in fashion, men, and partying, think again. Open your eyes wide and see for yourself how the interests of women have changed with time. Today, you’ll see many of them reading not just the usual magazines or novels, but self help books for women. These books are the […]

overcoming social phobia

3 Effective Strategies In Overcoming Social Phobia

Social phobia is something that is not uncommon to people nowadays. Let’s face it, there are actually millions of people who suffer from it and are in constant need to find ways for overcoming social phobia. If you believe that you are one of these people, remember that you do not need to think you […]

electric cigarettes

Want To Kick The Butt? Electric Cigarettes May Help

A recent Australian study conducted at the Queensland Universities found that electric cigarettes could help save lives of smokers. This may be a way to help people quit, even against their wishes, say researchers about the electric cigarette. The electric cigarettes and other less harmful tobacco products allow a person to inhale the nicotine that […]

depression self help

Depression Self Help Ideas For Recovery

Depression is definitely something that should not be taken as a joke. This mental disorder can lead to catastrophic outcomes if not tended to immediately. You must know that depression is a disorder that makes you feel depressed and low in mood. To prevent it from worsening you must utilize depression self help ideas to […]

keys to happiness

Keys To Happiness – Staying Thin, Going To Church And Keeping Career Blues At Bay

A recent study has revealed the secret that all those self help books could not – The secret for happiness, means not worrying about one’s career, being in touch with one’s spiritual side and having a health lifestyle. One of the key predictors of happiness was having an emotionally stable partner. A survey was conducted […]


The Sabbatical From Work – Can It Really Help?

Did you get the feeling, the last time that you took a vacation, that barely had the vacation begun and it seemed to end? For many reasons, a week or even two weeks off in a year may not be a satisfying enough option and taking a sabbatical; which is an extended break from work; […]