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Things To Consider Before Making Major Decisions

It could be a change of career, marriage, migrating to a new place, leaving a bad relationship or changing your college course. All of these are examples of major decisions that need to be thought of carefully and prayerfully before finally making a choice. It is so wrong to make decisions out of impulse and […]

binge eating

Binge Eating May Have Long Term Consequences

If you need reasons to cut out binge eating from your life, here’s one more reason – binge eating can negatively impact weight for years to come. According to a new research, just one month of gluttony, could have far-reaching impacts – it can change the composition of body fat for years to come. Instances […]

women self help group

Women Self Help Group – 5 Reasons Why You Must Join One Today

In our society today, there are a lot of groups that have been established to help in different ways. This means that these groups are usually geared to a certain goal depending on the reason why it was put up in the first place. Today, there is such a thing as the women self help […]


7 Tips For The Art Of Flirting

Gone are the days when the girl had to wait in vain and sigh in sadness waiting for the guy to make the first move. With a touch of guile and a few helpful tips, you can get the guy to take notice. And once you have his attention, there are ways and means to […]

long term relationships

Wait, If It Is True Love You Want, Says Study

Religious, moral and other reasons are offered when the point of view of delaying sex in a relationship is advised. However, now a study has found that such a delay and waiting to get serious before commencing sexual intercourse, is actually good for the relationship itself, and the relationship is likely to last longer and […]


Self Help For Anxiety That Promises Results

You must be wondering what the effects of anxiety are? Or perhaps you are also wondering what the symptoms are as well? In general, anxiety is the feeling of uncertainty regarding a certain issue. This is usually the feeling a person feels when they do not know what to do, and because of this, they […]

neurological differences between sexes

Men And Women Are Different Due To Nurture And Not Nature

The answer to that eternal question, “Why are men and women so different” is a unique one according to recent research – They aren’t that different! The popular perception of one being from Venus and the other from Mars as also the assumption that one can read maps and the other can multi task and […]

positive psychology

Positive Psychology – What Is It And Is It For Everyone?

In the recent past, there was a feeling that the Science of Psychology was concentrating too much on mental illness and less on the more positive aspects of good mental health. In the event, the movement of Positive Psychology sought to tap into the positive traits of the human experience – namely happiness, individual virtues, […]