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mental illness

Things To Remember Before Getting Help For Mental Illness

Why do people always have a bad notion about mental health when it is just as important as having your blood pressure checked regularly? Is it because we fear the thought of being labeled as “psycho” and “crazy”? Or perhaps because of the stigma that is mental illness? Getting help for mental illness is something […]


Top 10 Tips For Curbing Alcohol Cravings

There are many situations in life that create alcohol cravings – a special occasion or event, parties, peer pressure, a national holiday or just an outing with friends. Also alcohol cravings can strike when you are alone. You know yourself well enough to know what an alcohol craving can trigger in you and how it […]

obese woman

Link Between Obesity And Sexual Abuse Seen

Dr. Wendy Scinta, in her practice of medical weight loss, has observed that more than half the women she treats, have some sort of sexual abuse in their past leading her to link obesity and past sexual abuse. It is a scenario she sees typically, women lose weight, reach a plateau and then pile back […]

expressing anger

When Is The Expression Of Anger Appropriate?

To be angry is definitely not wrong, but how you express your anger, with whom you express it, the reason for it and the degree of expression for it, when done in an inappropriate manner makes it wrong. How can you express your anger and still be appropriate then? Suppression is one way of expressing […]


Botox To Make You Happier!

No it’s not because it will make you look better but Botox may make you happier – research has shown that Botox may stop you frowning and hence make you happier! How it works is like this – when injected with Botox, the facial muscles are paralyzed (since Botox is such a strong toxin). This […]

Moving On After A Relationship Breakup

Moving On After A Relationship Breakup

Just hearing the word breakup makes you feel uneasy and creates a feeling of certain sadness. It could be from a failed marriage, an unsuccessful relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend or even an end to a long friendship that has been destroyed by circumstances. Whatever relationship it is, breaking up is really a very […]

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5 Habits For Women To Break When In A Relationship

While you don’t need to become a different person when you get into a relationship, it does make sense to make some changes that help you work on and strengthen a relationship. Because some habits may be bad for your relationship, you should try and change them: 1. Cut the flirting: Being friendly with others […]

Looking To Get Fit? Why Motivation May Be The Most Important Factor

Looking To Get Fit? Why Motivation May Be The Most Important Factor

If for reasons of good health or good looks or just self esteem, you want to get fit or are looking to lose weight, but are unsuccessful, it could be due to something as simple as Lack of Motivation. Motivation can be an incredibly powerful driving force in determining how hard you will work towards […]