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color therapy

How To Implement Color Therapy Principles In Your Work Place?

There may be much number of stressors at work: you may have a problem with a coworker, there may be deadlines to meet, it may be extremely challenging balancing work as well as home and sometimes the juggling act may get too much; sometimes it may be something as unreasonable as just not liking your […]

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Are You In Therapy? Tips To Make The Most Of Your Therapy Sessions

If you are in therapy, you have already taken charge of your life and taken that one first important step towards making right what is wrong in your life. Psychology Today put together a list of tips to get the best out of your therapy sessions; here they are in brief: Arrive early to collect […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Settle For Second Best?

Something is better than nothing, right? Well yes, but not when it comes to relationships. When it is relationships you are talking about, second best could actually be worse than having no relationship; in terms of the problems such a relationship may be inviting. The reasons for not “settling for second best” abound: It isn’t […]


Think Of Failure As A Spiritual Self Help

Yes we have all heard the often repeated cliché; Failures are the stepping stones for success, but when something goes wrong in our lives it is difficult to be philosophical about it and chalk it all down to learning from our mistakes. Yet if you take a step back from your perceived misfortune you can […]

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Tools To Help You Recover From The End Of A Relationship – Part 2

Painful as it is to recover from the end of a relationship, it is important to remember that it is not the end of the world; that there is much in life to look forward to. Concentrate on healing now for a better tomorrow: Counting one’s blessings: The end of a relationship is the time […]

3 Things To Consider In Choosing An Online School

3 Things To Consider In Choosing An Online School

Nowadays you no longer have to stay in a dormitory or travel every day just to reach school. Thanks to distance education, you can now finish your degree at the comfort of your own home. Online schools are everywhere and they offer courses that guarantee to help you land a job after graduating. With so […]

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Your Heart Can Break – Really!

It has an actual, real name as well: The Broken Heart Syndrome! The sort of emotional stress that one can undergo due to stressful situations such as the end of a relationship, a job termination, or bereavement can actually break your heart, according to the European Heart Journal. Whereas the term “died from a broker […]

relationship failure

Tools To Help You Recover From The End Of A Relationship – Part 1

There may be much number of different reasons why a relationship ended: it was abusive, unequal, unhappy making, it was just wrong for you. However, once that breaking point is reached, and the relationship is at an end, what then? It is natural to feel feelings of hurt, grief, powerlessness, even failure, disorientation, self-doubt, depression […]