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Spray On For Sensitivity?

It is a long term lament of women the world over; a wish that their significant other be more sensitive to them and their needs; their emotions and their feelings. And now it may seem that a woman’s dearest wish for a sensitive man by her side may have come true; and that too in […]

Acing The Oral Test In Three Easy Steps

Acing The Oral Test In Three Easy Steps

There are times when teachers require us to take an oral test. Here, our speech and oral communication skills are tested and graded. Oftentimes, it is dreaded by students since they have to speak in front of an audience and be scrutinized by the teacher in charge. So how can you earn a good grade […]

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Looking To Get Promoted? How To Get That Promotion?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and if the answer were that simple we would all be getting promoted. But with the right Plan, the correct attitude and the right actions you can do your best to achieve what you deserve: Plan: First clarify to yourself where you are at this time […]

Avoid Procrastination In Three Simple Ways

Avoid Procrastination In Three Simple Ways

We are easily tempted to put off things which we can do for today. We always have reasons to wait for tomorrow or until the deadline to work on our assigned tasks. Temptations are around to divert our attention to unimportant matters and sadly, we are often carried away. We often fall into the trap […]

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Brain Training Games May Be No Good After All

There are a lot of products and aids out there that claim to make you smarter; games that say they can increase your IQ. Now, however, researchers in the field of neuroscience are telling us that brain training games are really not all they are cracked up to be; they may be little more than […]

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Are Men Really Threatened By Strong Women?

In popular culture, particularly in media such as television (think sitcoms) the strong confident woman is often portrayed as a bit of a ball breaker, as being emasculating of her man, and really something of a bitch. Conversely the man she is with is seen as being henpecked, weak willed or as having no particular […]

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Addicted To Prescription Drugs? How To Tell If One Is Addicted To Prescription Drugs

Sometimes people form a dependence upon prescription medication for reasons other than to treat the symptoms that they were originally prescribed for. There is the desire to take them between doses and beyond the period for which they are required to be taken. Here are some signs of being addicted to prescription medication: Having no […]

Fixing A Marriage On The Rocks

Fixing A Marriage On The Rocks

Marriage should be forever. It is a lifetime commitment based on love and trust. The truth is, many couples failed to make their marriage work. Temptations are always around to try and break the bond between husband and wife. If you think it is too late to fix a marriage on the rocks, think again. […]