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Depressed? Don’t Be Ashamed To Ask For Help

Did you know that a massive one in 20 Americans above the age of 12 years suffers depression, which is a mental illness? Out of this number, less than 30% seek help and this untreated condition leads to a number of different problems, suffering, disability and lowered life quality. It can negatively impact your social, […]

alcohol detox

Alcohol and Your Beauty

We’ve all heard about the health dangers of alcohol. Health authorities have issued alarming advertising campaigns and fact sheets about liver and heart diseases related to alcohol abuse. Even schools are now teaching pupils about the dangers of drinking from their early teens. It may seem young, but has become necessary in a country where […]


Commitment – What It Really Means

Commitment is a powerful word; one that conjures up feelings of stability and constancy on the one hand, but which also indicates a sense of inextricable permanence, and therein lies the caress. So what is commitment, and what are the things that impact the nature of commitment in a relationship? The different aspects of commitment: […]

clearing clutter

Reduce Clutter To Feel Inner Calm

Have you ever felt irritation or even a feeling of being overwhelmed in the midst of disorder or clutter? Does the sight of an untidy closet or a messy desk put you off? If so you are not alone and nor is this an unreasonable feeling. There are several reasons why you have possibly felt […]

quitting smoking

Some Facts To Help You Understand The Psychology Of Quitting Smoking

While it is true that kicking the butt is difficult, this is the case for a number of different reasons. Yes it is true that there is nicotine in the cigarette that is addicting, which the body craves when you try to give up smoking and which in turn makes it more likely for a […]

Top 3 Signs That You Need A Makeover

Top 3 Signs That You Need A Makeover

There are times when we feel like we no longer look as attractive as we thought we were. In times like this, we start to feel less confident and insecure especially in public. Instead of going out and have some fun, we just stay at home reading a book, watching a movie and feeling sorry […]

teen suicide

What Parents Should Know About Teen Suicide?

The adage prevention is better than cure is never truer in the case of suicide because in this case there is quite literally no cure at all. And when you look at statistics, it is startling to know that the third leading cause of death among 15- to 24-year-olds, according to the Centers for Disease […]

Simplify Simplify Simplify

Simplify Simplify Simplify

By simplifying our lives we can actually make things so much easier, so much more peaceful. By simplifying our lives we need to think of things in terms of ‘quality’ and not ‘quantity’. Think of simplifying by taking out all of the ‘kind ofs’ in your life and only leaving the ‘for sures’. First of all people […]