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Handling Abrasive Personality Types

Persons with abrasive personalities who are also poor workers do not present a problem since the choice to dismiss is more easily taken. But what about the high performers with difficult personalities? These people may be intimidating to others. They may be aggressive, sarcastic, arrogant, argumentative, and generally difficult to get along with, creating a […]

10 Key Points to Know When Reviewing Employee Performance

Know exactly what you want to achieve and let your employees know what is expected of them. Keep a record of employee performance from which to cite specific examples. Discuss the written evaluation with the employee. Listen to the employee’s comments and then ask questions to stimulate thought. Focus on the individual; do not compare […]

Training Your First Secretary

You have really arrived if you have your own secretary. Usually you will share one with other people or, even more likely, use the secretarial pool. If you share a secretary, I advise you get to know the people who do your typing and congratulate them if a job is done particularly well or faster […]

Managers: Become a Good Coach

Over the past decade or two, there has been a major change in the way that managers do their jobs. While, in the past, managers were supposed to closely direct their employees’ efforts, today’s best managers are coaches – that is, they support and encourage the efforts of their employees. Managers who act as coaches […]

4 Reasons Why Delegation Is Powerful

It takes the work of a team of people whom are all working toward common goals for an organization to accomplish great things. So, regardless of the urge to try to do everything in an organization, effective managers know they can attain far faster and more efficiently by assigning specific tasks to their employees. Managers […]

Self Esteem And Social Upbringing

Self Esteem – Meaning What does actually self-esteem means? In everyday conversation and in the professional literature the term is often thrown about loosely, used interchangeably with self-love, self-respect, and a sense of self-worth, and also with the word “self-concept.” In fact, though, these terms are not all exchangeable. The self-concept or self-image is the […]

Sources Of Self Beliefs

All different beliefs and images that go into our self-concepts have one thing in common: None was with us at birth. Definitely, everyone is born with concrete physical characteristics and undiscovered capabilities. But no one is born knowing she is male or female, black or white; nor does anyone come into the world already thinking […]

Goal Setting For Our Self-Esteem

Nothing makes your self-esteem soar more than achieving a lofty goal. On the other hand, nothing can be more intimidating than failing to meet your goal. Without clear goals, it’s too easy to drift through life without making definite assurances to ourselves. As a result, we may wake up one day and find our children […]