Celebrity Phobias: What Scares the Stars?

15 celebrities terrified of the most peculiar things

With Age Comes Wisdom: The Top 10 Elderly To Take Inspiration From

Take a look at our list of the top 10 most inspirational older people.

Dating Guide For Women In 2009: 10 Things You Should Know About Dating In Today’s World!

If you are single and between the ages of 30 and 103 you need to read this.

The Top 12 Most Bizarre Phobias !

Nobody really knows the reason behind the development of phobias but they can be triggered by a traumatic experience. Take a look at the top 12 most bizarre phobias that people have.

12 Tips To Boost Your Creativity

Since everyone is different and since different days bring different strains on creativity, the more creativity boosting techniques the better.

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  • guilt factor 1

    The Guilt Factor And The Social Life

    As individuals we tend to let ourselves governed by the way society sees us and as employees we are condoning the behavior that is expected from us. Ever since we are children we are educated by the guilt factor our ...
  • happiness 1

    Success And Why Does It Hide Frustration?

    All around us we see people fighting hard for achieving a certain goal or purpose. We see them every day pushing forward towards a spectacular target with every possible muscle stretched to reach the destination. A life time of struggle, ...
  • work environment

    Change – Why Do We Resist It When The Only Thing We Can Do Is Adapt?

    People are reluctant to change. This is a statement we all know to be written in stone by the very nature of our human DNA. The comfort zone we build around us is something we treasure and anything changing inside ...
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  • acquire a confident body language

    Tips to Acquire a Confident Body Language

    Body language includes non verbal communication methods wherein you may express clues to your purpose or thoughts though your physical behavior. Body postures, gestures, eye movements and facial expression speak for your emotional status which may be boredom, aggression, attentiveness, pleasure, amusement and so on. People you interact with comprehend your body language either though [...]

  • successful life through self motivation

    Tips to a Successful Life through Self Motivation

    Self-motivation is the driving force that guides us to achieve our goal based on our own capabilities, instincts and desires. It is a means of personal development and is the key to a successful life. Self motivated people are more oriented, have good time-management skills and possess more self-esteem and confidence than the ordinary. No [...]

  • impromptu speech

    Tips to Deliver an Impromptu Speech

    Even to the best orators, an impromptu speech can be an unnerving experience. However, when faced with such a situation, panic or anxiety will benefit you the least. When requested to deliver a speech without prior notice, even last moment preparations can do wonders and you may end up in giving better speeches than if [...]

  • sexual assaults

    Recovering from Sexual Assaults

    Sexual assault is the enforcement of any kind of sexual contact such as inappropriate touching, rape, and penetration of the mouth, genitals or anus, without the victim’s consent. Sexual assaults can be inflicted by a stranger, or a person known to you such as your husband, relative, friend or colleague. Sexual assaults can have a [...]

  • negotiate and manage conflict

    Tips to Negotiate and Manage Conflict

    Life is all about conflicts and resolutions. Whether you are at home, at work or even out shopping, conflicts can seem to find you and the only way to get out of it is by negotiating. But negotiation has a lot of facets and you need to learn each of them to get out of [...]

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